We're on the level

Our guiding philosophy, in both business and life, is be "on the level."
Be honest. Be straightforward. Be sincere. And most importantly, practice integrity.

Our company motto is “be on the level.” It is an old term, meaning to act and speak honestly at all times. Aequo is Latin for “level.” We chose the libella as our company symbol because it is a sleek, streamlined tool, used often in construction long ago.  It was one of the first leveling tools. This is how we interact with our customers, subcontractors and our own team.   Being on the level is our core value. 

At Aequo Builders, we value the input of the Designers, Architects and Engineers. Everyone who has put in their hard work to create an idea. We are inspired by thought provoking projects and those willing to take risks to make a space look great.  Whether it is the color option applied to the walls, the type of wood chosen for the floor, to the final furniture selections, we will be there to turn it into a reality and support you along the way.  

Safety is extremely important to us. We train everyone from our carpenters to our leadership team on the most recent OSHA practices, codes and emergency response management programs. We only work with Sub Contractors who are as committed to safe practices as we are.  It is a priority that our employees and sub-contractors make it home to their families each day without incident.